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Citizen Participation in the Global Free Network Movement

Two different approaches to citizen participation in free networks. The one is in Catalonia where it grew into something called I2Cat and the other is in Oakland California were citizen participation is absolutely from the bottom up

This January Februray COOK Report explores I2Cat and its living labs which are designed to bring the possibility for innovation into the hands of the ordinary citizen in the way the more exclusive European research and education that words cannot do what makes the difference and similarly fascinating is that I2Cat claims to be able guide channel citizen participation whereas in Oakland the situation has at least it several decades of citizen involvement where things like complex workings here to flow much more naturally than in the constrained atmosphere of I2Cat in the Iberian Peninsula. In the case of i2Cat We work with Artur Serra who has been chartering for the past 20 years a unique road of Catalonian participation and innovation. We find it strange that such innovation is something that can even be subject to handling by higher authority as it were. It seems that it must be must much more spontaneous however it is quite possible that the differences in culture between Barcelona and Oakland California explain the seemingly irrevocable differences between the two approaches.

In any case what was quite fascinating was how the director of Artur Serra worked with us in our extremely detailed depiction of queasy net and it meant it that perhaps he had not understood quickly that briefing that was not just another carrier but was much more like a citizen led i2Cat like group. We can have an i2cat considerable control over broadband resources and if they would bury their differences and focus on their compatibility is very likely that they could combine infrastructure to the benefit of everyone in the area and indeed this is one at the end of November they promised to do this. They have had one meeting already pledging a joint membership and cooperation and have another scheduled for 15 January 2014.

In the case of the Oakland treatment the citizen participation in hacker spaces is so well entrenched that these are coming first and the Oakland's Freenetis being built in support of the already existing citizen innovative collaboration.

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