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What They Are Saying About The COOK Report on Internet

"One of the primary reasons I hooked into [the Cook Report] network is to learn. And it is fascinating for me to lurk in conversations where people actually put opinions and arguments forward, rather than commoditised marketing pap."

"One of my favourite professors, a guy called Michael Power, put forward an argument on "the risk management of everything". His assertion was that as we continue to live in a post-facto-regulation world with increasing litigiousness, the small print starts overtaking valuable but vulnerable professional judgment and opinion. This entire stream of conversations makes my heart sing." "Finally, opinion on things that matter. Rather than posturing."

J.P. Rangaswami, Managing Director, BT Design

"Gordon Cook has an uncanny ability to find out who's who and what's what on the Internet and capture the important issues via in-depth interviews with prime movers -- sometimes years before the issues surface in the general technical community. If your business depends on understanding the techno-politics of the Internet, you'll find The Cook Report invaluable. Sure it's technically opaque sometimes, wrongheaded occasionally, voluminous to a fault, but absolutely essential reading."

David S. Isenberg "The brains behind The Stupid Network"

"Are you better off than you were three years ago? Do you really know what is going on in the Telecom/Internet space? You don't really know without wading through The Cook Report. If you have money, or 'just' a career, at stake here, reading The Cook Report pays."

Roxane Googin, Editor: High Tech Observer

"Gordon Cook is fiber in a world of dial-up. He asks timely and provocative questions, invites leading practitioners and experts on all sides to debate them online for several weeks, cuts to the heart of the debates, and publishes the results in language that serious lay readers can understand. No other online journal matches the Cook Report's combination of richness of content and accessibility."

Jim Baller - The Baller Herbst Law Group, P.C.

"I have watched Gordon Cook succeed over a 12-year period in publishing a wholly independent 'Internet Newsletter' that those corporations, and governments, world wide, who subscribe find is essential reading. He not only gets into the guts of what is technically important but how it is - in the Telecommunications world - strategically important. His method of interviewing the top experts - who will talk to him when they won't talk to the press - lets him get far ahead of the curve of change. The biggest proof his newsletter is important is that the big subscribers keep coming back to renew. From Microsoft to Canada. Cook and his newsletter is the best-kept secret in the world of technology and the Internet. Which is a shame."

Dave Hughes, PI Wireless Field Tests & Owner Old Colorado City Communications

"I subscribe to a wide variety of publications and email reflectors across a range of technologies. The Cook Report is easily the most interesting publication I get. Since early 2002 the typical thematic issue is based on comprehensive interviews with a diverse set of carefully selected key players, done in great depth. The resulting articles are well organized and frequently uncover information and points of view that I don't see in other reporting."

Brough Turner, Founder, Sr. VP & CTO, NMS Communications

"The COOK Report is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the technical and business evolution of the Internet. Provides a unique and comprehensive perspective drawn from many experts."

Andrew Odlyzko, Director, Digital Technology Center, University of Minnesota http://www.dtc.umn.edu/~odlyzko

"Hello Gordon, As an avid fan of The Cook Report since 1998, I can honestly say that your publication is amongst the few which appeals to me as it bothers about dealing in substance with the issues at hand. Given that telecommunications as an industry is rigged with anticompetitive behaviour of all sorts, it takes an independent analysis to understand how and what to change. I do not know of any other publication which appeals as much to people who seek change in this industry."

Francois Menard, Project Manager, Xit telecom http://www.xittelecom.com/

"Gordon Cook has been one of the key people in the Net community who took upon himself the task of documenting the evolution of the Net with his 'The Cook Report' newsletter. Memories tend to blur while they're attempting to deal with a world that seems to have an ever increasing tempo of change. In this context, I'm glad to see that Gordon has finally decided to make most of the archives of his newsletter available to all so that more folks can be exposed to the treasure trove of information that he's produced over the years. When your memory fails about some esoteric point relating to the history of the Net, or if you're interested in the real story behind the development of IPv6, chances are you'll find what you're looking for in his archives. I highly encourage anyone with an interest in where the Net is going in the future to both subscribe to the current newsletter and recommend it to others."

Dewayne Hendricks, CEO, Dandin Group and Member, FCC Technological Advisory Council