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Economics of IP Networks Members with Published Discussion

This page contains an alphabetical directory of interviewees and members of the Economics of IP Networks mail list – by name and title - whose discussion has been published in the COOK Report since early 2004.


Tom Allibone : New Jersey Director of Teletruth - Consultant to NJ Towns &  Schools
Janet Asteroff : New York City based Industry Analyst and Consultant


Rich Bader : CEO Easystreet Wireless ISP in Portland Oregon
Nico Baken : KPN Network Strategist,and Professor University of Delft
Carlis Baldwin : Professor of Economic Harvard Business School
Nigel Ballard : Wireless Director, Matrix Networks, proprietor of joejava.com
Jim Baller : Partner Baller Herbst law firm
Satish Bangara : President Broadband Business, Reliance Communications Inc.
Kevin Barron : Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, U. Cal Santa Barbara
Steven Bauer : PhD cand; Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT
Michel Bauwens : Chiang Mai, Thailand, Director, Foundation for P2P Alternatives
Robert Berger : Principal IBD, Open Source, Open Spectrum, software defined radios
Sebastian Beuttrich : http://wire.less.dk, wireless tech for developing countries
John Berryhill : IP Attorney, Dann, Dorfman, Herrell, and Skillman
Dana Blankenhorn : Atlanta based business writer and blogger
Michael Bookey : America at the Internet Crossroads, Pachen Light Consulting
Falk Bornstaedt : Vice President, Product Management IP/Data, T-Systems,
Javad Boroumand : Manager for University Research Grant Programs at Cisco
John Bowers : CTO Calient and Professor Electrical Engineering UC Santa Barbara
Scott Bradner : Technology Security Officer, Harvard - Network World Columnist
John Seely Brown : former chief scientist Xerox, now at Deloitte Touche
Art Brodsky : Communications Director, Public Knowledge
Marshall Brown : CEO of WiFi Salon free WiFi for New York City's parks
Paul Budde, Managing Director BuddeComm
Farooq Butt : VP Strategy, Dell Computer


Robert Cannon : Senior Counsel for Internet Law, FCC
Erik Cecil : Telecom Regulatory Attorney
Vint Cerf : Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
Mike Cheponis : wireless consultant, antenna design specialist
Ren Chin : VC at ParTech International
Kenjiro Cho : Senior Researcher Internet Industries Japan Research Laboratory
Kilnam Chon : Co-Chair of Asia-Pacific C. C. Intercontinental Research Networking
KC Claffy : Director, Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
Donald Clark : CEO of KAREN - New Zealand's advanced research & education network
Peter Cohen : consultant and peering specialist for Telia
Roland Cole : Director of Technology Policy at Sagamore Institute for Policy Research
Frank Coluccio : Principle Cirrant Partners Inc., New York, NY
David Conrad : Vice President of Research and IANA Strategy, ICANN
Mark Cooper : Director of Research Consumer Federation of America
Tim Cowen : General Counsel for BT Global Services
Susan Crawford : Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School
Robert Cromwell : Strategic Advisor at Seattle City Light's Power Management Division,
Reed Cundiff : Senior Vice President, Yankee Group
John Curran : Board Chair ARIN the RIR for North America


Melissa Davis : optical network architect formerly with Cisco
Tom DeFanti : Director Center for Advanced Visualization, University of illinois Chicago
Cynthia de Lorenzi : CEO of PatriotNet
Vincent Dekker : telecom reporter for the Dutch daily paper Trouw
Keith Dierkx : SVP of Operations and CIO Embarcadero Systems Corp
Craig Dobson : Taylor Warwick Consulting, Alberta Canada
Sean Donelan : Security Analyst, Cisco
Lee Dryburgh : SS7 specialist, Doctoral Candidate University College London


Peter Ecclesine : Technology Analyst, Cisco
Robin Eckerman : Eckermann & Assoc. -  advanced network infrastructure projects
James Enck : Eurotelco Blog and telecom Analyst Daiwa Securities, London
Johannes Ernst : CEO of NetMesh, and authority on OpenID
Susan Estrada : President First Mile.US
Tom Evlsin : Founder and CEO of ITXC


Hal Feinstein : Senior Engineer, General Dynamics
Harold Feld : Media Access Project, Senior Vice President
Benoit Felten : Senior Analyst in Yankee Group's Enterprise Mobility Research group
Andres Figari : Co-owner Hostito Web Hosting, San Francisco
Sergei Figuerola : senior Engineer, I2Cat
Carl Ford : Program Manager VON, Pulver Media
Jim Forster : Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Bob Frankston : developed Visicalc and Lotus and later home networking at Microsoft


Beth Gage : Manager, Solutions Marketing, Juniper Networks
Martin Geddes : Consultant and Publisher of Telepocalypse
Ed Gerck : Founder Network Manifold Associates
Vijay Gill : Director Peering, America on Line
Dan Golding : Senior Analyst Network and Telecommunications Strategies Burton Group
Alex Goldman : Reporter www.isp-planet.com for Jupitermedia, covering ISP issues
Fred Goldstein : Principal of Ionary Consulting, author of The Great Telecom Meltdown
Roxane Googin : financial analyst Editor Hi Tech Observer
Wedge Greene : CTO Mission Assurance


John Hagel : author, consultant - Director of new research Center at Deloitte Touche
Rob Hall : Telecoms Analyst Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Macy Hallock : Medina County Ohio Port Authority
Brian Hanley : President of software development company based in former USSR
Alexanderf Harrowell, STL Partners, Analyst Telco 2.0
Sebastian Hassinger : formerly Pervasive Computing, IBM now with Oracle.
Steve Heap : CTO of Arbinet a bandwidth broker and VoIP Traffic terminator,
Lars Hedberg : Sceretary General Swedish Association of Community Networks
Mary Beth Henry : Deputy Director Office of Cable Communications, Portland, Oregon
Conal Henry : CEO E-Net an Irish open access regional broadband infrastructure provider
Stuart Henshall : consultant and author of Unbound Spiral and Skype Journal
Tom Hertz : CTO Fiber Utilities
James Hettrick : It Director Loma Linda California
Jin Ho Hur: CEO FON Korea - long history in the development of the Korean Internet
Shant Hovnanian : CEO, Board Chair and Director of Speedus Corp.
Joanne Hovis: CEO Columbia Telecommunications Corp.
David Hughes : founder Visual Arts Systems and security expert
Erik Hunsinger : Engineer Level 3
Farooq Hussain : Network Architect Sprint, MCI, now Principal Network Conceptions
Geoff Huston : Chief Scientist in the Internet area for Telstra and Executive Director of the IAB


David Isenberg : author of the Stupid Network and proprietor of Isen.com


Don Jackson : VP of Advanced Telephony, Tellme Networks
Cullen Jennings : SIP & VoIP Security Expert Cisco
Olivier Jerphagnon : Strategist Calient Networks
Suzanne Johnson : formerly senior technology manager with Intel
Peter Juffernholz : former Peering Director Teleglobe, currently developer of Business Alliances DT


Joe Kelly, BT Wholesale, Director of Communications
Greg Keough : DigiLinea, a Voice over IP (VoIP) service provider Hispanic markets
Youngmoo Kim: Team Leader - ITF, at Naver the Korean “Google”
Robert Kjelberg : Managing Director of MalarEnergi Stadsnat in Vasteras, Sweden
Art Kleiner : author of Who Really Matters? And several other books
Ram Krishnan : Senior Director Technology, Axiowave Networks
Pete Kruckenberg : Architect Utah Education Network
Bruce Kushnick : Founder Teletruth and author 200 Billion Broadband Scandal


Tim Lance : President of NYSERNet
Dean Landsman : Media specialist, 30+ years in broadcasting, blogger
Patrick Leary : Wireless Evangelist, Alvarion
Jon Lebkowsky : Principal Polycot Consulting, Austin Texas
Eric Lee : Washington Telecom Attorney
John Levine : software patent expert witness & author The Internet for Dummies
Martin Levy : former VP engineering Concentric, independent consultant
Norman Lewis : former Director of Research Technology at Orange – now in new start up
Tony Li : Router Architect at Cisco, Juniper and Procket, currently consultant
Simon Lin : Director Computing Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
David N. Liu: Director of Strategic Planning for Display Technology Center at ITRI
Jordi Benasat Lopez: Administrator LocalRet in Catalonia
Barry Lynn : CEO 3Tera (utility computing)


Peter MacCaulay : Managing Direector, number 1 IT Group, Auckland, New Zeland
Carlo MacDonald : Ceo CamData Soft, Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Peter Macaulay : Programme Manager Digital Strategy, Department of Economic Development, NZ
Om Malik : Columnist Business 2.0 and proprietor of Om Malik on Broadband blog
Joe Mambretti : Director International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University
Kevin Marks : now with Google, Coauthor Micro Formats, Quick Time Developer
Chris Marsden : European Telecoms Analyst, Rand London, UK
Don Marti : Editor in Chief of Linux Journal
Malcom Matson : British entrepreur and author of OPLAN
Scott McCollough : Telecom Attorney Austin Texas
Jan Meijer : Senior Engineer Internet Technology, UNINETT
Sascha Meinrath : Co Founder Campaign Urbana Community Wireless Network
Francois Menard : Canadian policy expert and municipal fiber network architect
David Meyer : Director Internet Technologies Cisco Systems, and IETF Board
George Michaelson : Chair DNS Operation Sig APNIC
Jerry Michalski : Founder and President of Sociate, a technology consulting firm
Kenneth Miller : Data Center Architect for the Midwest ISO
Don Mitchell : former Program Manager National Science Foundation currently retired
Frank Muto : Co-founder Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy


Kees Neggers : Director, SURFnet 6
Kevin Nethercott : CEO of LignUP voice application platform for Amazon EC
Harvey Newman : US lead for the LHC network - Prof. Physics CalTech
Tim Nulty : ran Burlington Telecom, in Burlington Vermont


Andrew Odlyzko : Director Digital Technology Center, University of Minnesota
Andy Oram : Editor at O’Reilly knowledgeable about telcom and specializing in Open Source


Sean Park : former Director Digital Markets Dresdner Kleinwort Wassertein
Bo Parker : Dirt. Global Technology Centre of PricewaterhouseCoopers
Craig Partridge : Chief Scientist at BBN Technologies
Adam Peake : senior researcher - Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) in Tokyo
Greg Pelton : Senior Director Cisco Technology Center
Carlota Perez :author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital
Ed Pimentel : CTO AgileCo, Alpharetta Georgia
Larry Press : Professor of Information Systems at California State University
Carolyn Purcell : consultant with Cisco Systems Inc.'s state and local government practice


JP Rangaswami : CIO British Telecom Global Services Division
David Reed : Internet pioneer, spectrum policy expert, currently with Media Lab & HP
Wolfgang Reichel : Director of OEFEG, (consulting and engineering telecommunications) subsidiary of Telekom Austria
Sheldon Renan : President Vision and Strategy
Terry Retter : Director Global Technology Center, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Jere Retzer : Sr Mgr, Next Generation Networks, Oregon Health & Science University
Taylor Reynolds : Policy Analyst, OECD
Graham Richard : Mayor, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Larry Roberts : Arpanet pioneer and CEO Caspian Networks
Dave Robison : Senior VP of World lWide Sales and Support, Caspian Networks
Gregory Rose: Economist and measurement specialist - Washington DC
Hendrik Rood is a senior consultant at Stratix Consulting : The Netherlands
Jeremy Ruston : Head of Open Source Innovation, BT


David Sandel : CTO, NetLabs LLC, St Louis
Charles Sands : co founder Broadband Access Coalition Bangkok
Chris Savage : Attorney CRB, Washington, DC
Henning Schulzrinne : Chair, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University
Doc Searls : Editor Linux Journal and Doc’s IT Garage blog, Clue Train Co-author
Ron Sege : former CEO Tropos
Raj Sharma : President of Nextone a VoIP systems integrator
Kamal Shedhadi : Chairman Lebanon Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Tim Shepard : Consultan in wireless
Clay Shirky : writes about Internet Economics Culture, Media Open Source
Richard Shockey : Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Initiatives, NeuStar Inc.
Dave Siegel : VP Network Architecture & Long Range Planning, Global Crossing
Paul Sijben : VOIP expert and consultant from the Netherlands
Max Smetannikov : Director Business Development Global Analysis Services in NYC
Jim Southworh : former chair DSL forum, VP Concentric. Now Secure Pathways CEO
Mark Spencer : CTO Digium
Bill St Arnaud : Director Ca*Net4, Canada's high speed research network
John St Julien : fiber advocate and activist, Lafayette, Louisiana
Paul Stapleton : Editor-Publisher of I$P HO$TING Report
Richard Stastny : Senior Analyst, OeFEG/Telekom Austria
Einar Stefferud : Retired Internet Pioneer
Reuben Steiger : Chief Development Officer, Mission Assurance
Michael Stein: CEO Darkstrand
Jeff Sterling : Founder Interconnected Associates
Ted Stout : Professional Generalist, Founder & COO, tedCities
Steve Stroh : Editor of FOCUS On Broadband Wireless Internet Access
Randeep Sudan : Senior ICT Policy Specialist, the World Bank


Joy Tang : Director of oneVillage Foundation
Jim Thompson : wireless expert, Vivarto, Waytport etc currently in Hawaii
Michael Tiffany Director Strategy : Mission Assurance
Brough Turner : Co Founder NMS Communications


Rudolph van der Berg : Telecommunications consultant living in The Netherlands.
Jaap van Till : Principal Consultant and Partner, Stratix Consulting Group BV Professor ICT Infrastructures Delft University
Joost van der Vleuten : Head of Strategy, DG for Energy and Telecom, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands
Dirk Van der Woude : Civil Servant Amsterdam and fiber expert
Tom Vest : Senior Analyst, Internet Economics & Policy CAIDA
Nicola Villa : Global Director of Cisco’s Connected Urban Development program
Esme Vos : founder of Muniwireless.com,


John Waclawsky : Chief Software Architect, Motorola
Herman Wagter : Managing Director Amsterdam CityNet
Darin Wayrynen : CTO GoodNet, Former VP Enginering Winstar, current ISP operator
Sara Wedeman : Principal Behavioral Economics
Matt Wegner : Product Manager North America, Packet Front
Ryan Weidenmiller : Telecom Analyst, Sequoyah Investment group
Don Weightman : Attorney Wshington DC
David Weinberger : technologist, professional speaker, commentator, Cluetrain co-author
Matt Wenger : Product Manager North America, PacketFront
Kevin Werbach : Assist. Professor of Telecommunications Wharton Business School
Tom West : CEO National Lambda Rail
Marco Westenberg Business Development Manager : Volker Wessels Telecom Group, Holland
Damien Wetzel : Network Consultant Paris, Formerly with Akamai and Internap
Dirk Wilhem Van Gulik : CTO Joost
Bruce Williamson : CEO Windward Associates - economist formerly with SBC
Paul Wilson : Director General of APNIC, the Regional Internet Address Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region.
Rodney Wilson Director : Collaboration & Partnerships, Office of the CTO, Nortel
Steve Wolff : created NSFnet Backbone – now R&E advisor with Cisco
Tim Wu : professor at Columbia Law School best known for popularizing the concept of network neutrality


Ron Yokubaitis : Founder Texas Net and CEO Giganews
David Young : Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs for Verizon