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Gordon Cook
COOK Network Consultants
431 Greenway Ave,
Ewing, NJ 08618
(609) 882-2572
Internet: cook@cookreport.com


Depending on where you send mail from, cook@cookreport.com may bounce it back to you. If this happens, resend to cook at oldcolo dot com. This addess will forward to me automatically. Note that the new address is written out to protect it from spam spiders.

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Short Bio

BA Columbia University 1965

MSc(Econ) London School of Economics 1966

PhD Duke University 1972

MLS Rutgers 1976

Policy Analyst ETS, Tech Writer Delta Data and Computer Sciences 1977-86

Science Editor John von Neumann National Supercomputer Center, 1987-1990

Senior Analyst US Congress Office of Technology Assessment, 1990-1992

February 1992 Dave Hughes suggests that I write, edit and publish a newsletter and - as a result - I am

Editor Publisher The COOK Report on Internet Protocol, 1992 - to present