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Help with Subscribing:


There are several levels of subscribing to The Cook Report. Each one culminates into a brief registration screen before being passed to PayPal for completion.


The registration screen asks for a name and surname (first & last name is quite fine), an email address and password. This info is strictly maintained inside The Cook Report website and at such time in the future the Cook Report website expands functionality, this login information will enable a registered user to additional privileged features afforded to Subscribers of the Cook Report NewsLetter.


IMPORTANT: If you have problems with entering info into this registration screen e.g. it won't accept your entered email address or surname, to expedite the process, either enter a secondary eMail address or, yes, make one up. This info can be rectified later but in essence of pressing forward... varying the registration info will allow you to proceed and can be fixed later.  You will be passed on to PayPal to complete the transaction regardless of this 'user information' that is *only* being queried for use in the Cook Report website.


INVOICING: If you would prefer to skip all this, I can send you an Invoice directly to your eMail address instead of proceeding via the Subscription Engine.  Click HERE to have me generate an invoice to you....


If you need further assistance with Subscribing, please eMail me and I will get back to you post haste: cook@cookreport.com


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ALSO NOTE:  The mail list is a BONUS for subscriptions unless I make an exception with a subscriber in writing in advance.  In other words your mail list membership ends when your subscription ends.  It does NOT run for one year from the date of your payment.  In some cases this will mean while you get 12 months worth of COOK Reports you may get only 10 months of mail list membership.  And please remember mail list membership is a privilege not a right.  You are buying a subscription to the COOK Report not the mail list.

How To Subscribe

We accept Paypal.

When you use the links on this page, you are taken to a commerce engine to complete the subscription process.  Larger subscriptions that are listed as "enterprise", "library - association" etc, are priced on a case-by-case basis. (Prices listed are  'guidelines.')  In these instances you may contact me directly to arrange final price. I will accept subscriptions on a more formal purchase order, invoice, check or EFT basis as an alternative to using Paypal.
While opening a Paypal account is easy, Paypal will also allow the use of a credit card.

Please note also that commerce engine asks you for minimal information by means of which it creates a "purchase order".  When you complete the "PO", you wind up at Paypal.  Your information entered (such as street address and zipcode)  must be precisely accurate or Paypal 's referral of your credit card information will result in your banks refusing to authorize the purchase.

Price List - 
One Year Subscription

Subscription is by seat

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. PDF delivered via email list used only for delivery of new newsletters. For convenience the digital copy may be printed. Once. If a hardcopy is lost or destroyed a replacement may be made from the digital copy. The intent of the single seat rate is that there be only a single copy within an organization.

Also incuded in your subscription is my mail list Discussion Group.  Click HERE for more information on this additional feature.


One year cost per seat

Single "seat" is $950

Two Seats is $1650

Three seats $2200

Sustaining Member $3000 includes on demand consulting

If more than 3 seats please contact me for pricing.

Guidelines - enterprise wide license will be between $5 and 10 thousand dollars depending size and distribution.

University Library or Professional Association $4000

Rate for long term subscribers available solely at my discretion CLICK HERE to discuss


To SUBSCRIBE: Click Here


Also Available:

If you would prefer, I can send you an Invoice directly instead of proceeding via the Subscription Engine.  Click HERE to have me generate an invoice to you....


Also Available:


Individual Back Issue 

$300 for one person $900 for up to five persons or $1400 for eight persons. If purchasing individual issue use linked subscription form or contact me for a template on which to provide credit card information. Prices listed on individual issue pages are NOT accurate. I will change as best I can but consider this entry to be my guide.-


Also Available:


License for reuse of individual issue -

Is negotiable on a case by case basis. Contact Me for reUse License



Misuse of license will be pursued and subscription will be suspended when misuse is found.

When current subscribers come up for renewal they should contact me if they are concerned about these new rates.

This per seat pricing includes guest membership in my Economics of IP Networks private mail list. Membership may be revoked without refund in the case of disruptive behavior. Membership also includes invitation to annual Cook-in.

Subscribers are asked to provide me with the email addresses for each seat holder within their organization.