A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy

A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy

We re now in our twenty fourth year of publication. (Our first issue was April 1992.) We publish 6 times a year - long in depth reports on subjects of intense personal intertest.  Meanwhile our most important revenue producing operation is the offering of a private subscription only forum now in its eleventh year.  The Forum is a mail list called the Architecture and Economics of IP Networks.  It is a community of interest where more than 100 members discuss issues and trade ideas.  I do not screen posts in advance.  Foir more informatrion see the menu item "Business Model and Mail List Policy."

Some of the topics we explore:

  1. economic framework for thinking about technology
  2. fiber as economic infrastructure
  3. change from PSTN to all IP over fiber
  4. business models- domestic and global
  5. green IT, mobility, wireless
  6. new carrier models
  7. community fiber
  8. enterprise fiber & NRENs

Click HERE for a mind map that shows how these topics relate


Exploring the Internet of Things

What must be understood – including recent changes in Internet geography and web-based protocols – in order to develop and implement reasonable policymaking.

This issue  seeks to acquaint our readers  with the Internet of things which ready or not is rapidly arriving. On the one hand we discuss it from the views of Bruce Schneier on security of IoT.  This top global expert on TCP/IP security says among other things we are building a world robot without understanding the implications of what is  happening.  The other hand  in an interview with Ken Miller of Indiana. Ken says   " I do believe  that the free market is able to work through many of the issues discussed, but this does not mean I am advocating against coyote regulation. Some regulation may be required.  I don't believe that things will randomly work themselves out (dumb luck)."  For more see our executive summary. 

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